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 Blueberries — one of life’s great pleasures, and a fruit I’ve been growing for six years. The University of Minnesota has been instrumental in creating and bringing to market high-yield blueberry bushes hardy to Zone 3.

In case you missed it, the University’s Web publication, Yard & Garden Lines News, recently carried a great article by Jim Luby, Fruit Crops Breeder, on breeding history plus how to select and grow blueberries in the north. If interested, click on the link below.

Blueberries are quite easy to grow and besides being a fruit-producer are an attractive ornamental shrub in their own right. In fact, in full sun, they prune into a nice hedge.

Before you try growing blueberries, however, be forewarned about the cruelty of the addiction: It’s a tough, bitter day at the RG household the first morning in late July when I face my breakfast cereal aware of the fact that my garden’s fresh blueberry season has ended!

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener