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Regional Garden Gurus
The home base for links to some terrific sites created by garden writers and professional gardeners across the United States.
Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
Good information and resources concerning sustainable organic gardening.
The Best Gardening Databases on the Net
Bonsai Tree Forum
A good site for gardeners interested in learning the ancient Oriental art of bonsai (pronounced BONE-sigh, not BON-zie) with plenty of blogging advice between members.
Flower Database
The world’s best gardening blog.
Gardens Resources – directory of garden-related websites. – Gardening information resource
A lively weblog on the Heronswood Nursery gardening site, called Heronswood Voice:  It is subtitled “Silva rerum”, a Latin phrase meaning “the forest of things”, used in the Middle Ages to describe the wider world beyond the church.
Idea Spectrum Home Landscape Design Software
Jessica Damiano’s Garden Detective
Advice and commentary from a journalist who’s also a master gardener, without all that sappy, poetic, ode-to-my-garden stuff.
Minnesota State Horticultural Society 
One of oldest, largest public horticultural societies in America, the MSHS publishes the only gardening magazine on earth for gardeners living in zones 2-5, the award-winning Northern Gardener. Membership in the MSHS is probably the single best thing you can do to become a better gardener. 
Organic Rose Gardening

Tips, tricks and advice on rose gardening the organic way.
My Ideal Garden: Landscape Design & Home Garden Ideas
Created by professional designers, My Ideal Garden is your online guide to pictures and advice that will help turn your landscape design idea or flower garden plan into reality.
Pro Gardener Biz

Geared toward pro landscaping and lawn companies, includes good info for homeowners
Love of Roses
A great source for pictures and information on growing and purchasing roses by a nice rose enthusiast who knows his stuff.
University of Minnesota Extension Service
University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Andersen Horticultural Library
University of Minnesota Websites Related to SULIS
Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine
USDA Hardiness Zone Map