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Store Shelf Scam: Marketing Non-GMO Foods as a Positive

Stopped by a convenience store the other day to pick up a fresh bag of sunflower seeds, and couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The manufacturer had joined a number of other food providers in advertising “Non-GMO” as if it’s a benefit. Which got me thinking…

Scientific ignorance on the part of the general public has long abetted marketers of products, who for decades have gauged public awareness on health issues and made profits based on erroneous perception – facts be damned.

Have you ever been fooled? Probably. Shampoo companies advertise their products’ unique combination of herbs, organic oils, and vitamins – there’s even a brand named “Vitamin Shampoo” – knowing that not one in fifty thousand consumers is aware that hair is not living tissue, has no circulatory system and cannot metabolize anything. Can a shampoo deliver vitamins or other nutrients into your hair? No. It’s not possible.


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