The lone voice of horticultural reason

Don’t buy cheap, rinky-dink plastic landscape edging.

This is contractor grade plastic landscape edging.

Oh, you’ll think you’re buying the right stuff. After all, it’s sold at Home Depot and Loew’s, and it says Contractor Grade right on the box.

The box is the dead giveaway. Contractor grade plastic landscape edging doesn’t come all wound up neat in a cardboard box. You buy it in flat, twenty-foot long bundles at your landscape supply yard. It’s thick plastic, five inches wide, heavy duty, and it comes with big metal stakes and stout plastic connectors. You can curl the bundles into the back of a pickup or trailer, but you ain’t gonna be able to take it home in the trunk of the Lexus.

The rinky-dink stuff at Home Depot isn’t worth your time and money. It’s made from a lighter grade of plastic, it doesn’t install easily or hold a good curve, and the stakes are too small. Some brands come with wimpy little plastic stakes. It’s worthless. Find the real stuff—Ace of Diamond is a good brand.

By the way, this photo shows how plastic landscape edging should look after installation. We’ll be sodding the right side, planting the left. And if you want to know how to properly install the stuff, click here.

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener