The lone voice of horticultural reason

“Crabgrass pre-emergent should be spread on the lawn every spring”

 Wrong. Crabgrass pre-emergent knocks out the seeds left over from last year’s crop of crabgrass and it should take no longer than a couple of springs, three at the most, to wipe all the seeds out. Homeowners who unwittingly apply a crabgrass treatment each year, every year, long after the crabgrass has disappeared, are dumping chemicals onto the earth that need not be dispersed.

The same goes for those infernal lawn service companies who sign households up for decades of annual lawn weed herbicide treatments. Once you get the crabgrass taken care of and any other weeds killed off, seed thin areas in early spring with grass seed, and knock it off with the chemicals.

Keep those astute e-mails and letters coming in!

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener