The lone voice of horticultural reason

“Thatch increases in lawns where the grass clippings are allowed to remain on the lawn.”

False. Using a mulching mower without a bagger (or the bag attachment closed off) and letting the clippings remain on your lawn is actually very healthy for the lawn. Leaving the grass clippings on your lawn each time you mow returns nutrients to the soil to such an extent that you can skip one fertilization application during the growing season.

Thatch is caused by over fertilization, over watering, and a couple of other things I didn’t pay attention to during the abysmal Lawn Care portion of my Master Gardener training.

I know this is a rather tired and perfunctory MOTW this time around, but I’ve got three magazine articles due between May 15th and May 23rd. The Renegade Gardener needs sleep. Fresh fruit and sleep.

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Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener