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Astilbe ‘Rise and Shine’

Sporting very large heads of hot pink blooms atop strong, stiff stems, ‘Rise and Shine’ stands apart from other varieties of the genus. A newer hybrid out of Europe, lineage born of A. chinensis gives the plant a more solid root structure, more vibrant flower color and increased sun and drought tolerance than the straight species.

Thick plumes of 8” pyramidal flowers appear in mid-summer, and combined with the large stems, deep green foliage and overall plant height of 30”the plant exhibits a husky, almost tough-guy presence. At the very least, the other Astilbes in your garden may look a bit sheepish. It’s magnificent in swaths, and here in the north, ‘Rise and Shine’ need not be delegated solely to partial shade service—planted in good garden soil, mulched and kept moderately moist, this is one Astilbe that also can be grown in full sun. Zone 4.

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener