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Diervilla lonicera

(Dire-VILL-uh lon-ih-sara)
Common Name: Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle

Here’s a tough-to-kill, tried-and-true blooming shrub that will perform well in your garden year after year.

Dwarf bush honeysuckle features very attractive bronze-green foliage spring and summer and yellow, trumpet-like flowers in midsummer. Fall color is a pretty bronze-red.

Care and Use

A fast grower, shrubs tolerate dry, sandy soils once established. It suckers at a decent pace, making it an excellent shrub for mass plantings. It’s often used for erosion control on banks and hills. It will not do well in rich soils that stay moist in summer.

Plants will mature to 4’ tall and spread to 5’wide. This is a shrub you can cut back to 12” high if you want to keep a thick appearance. Plants prefer full sun but will perform quite well, including decent bloom, in half-day sun. Hardy to USDA Zone 3.

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener