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Most Factual Book About Organic Food and Farming

 The Truth About Organic Foods
By Alex Avery (Henderson Communications, 2006)

“Finally there is a book that credibly and dispassionately debunks the widely held belief that organic food is somehow safer and more nutritious, and that organic agriculture is environmentally superior than the conventional.

Using clear, non-technical language, The Truth About Organic Foods separates organic industry spin from reality using science and safety data gathered by government agencies and independent university scientists. This book should ease the minds of millions of consumers who have been scared into buying the organic food myths, and provides a valid basis for deciding whether or not one should buy organic.”
–Dr. Ruth Kava, Director of Nutrition, American Council on Science and Health

If you’re not sure what or whom to believe, but especially if your mind is already made up one way or the other, you must read this book, which you can order by clicking here. But first better ask yourself: Can you handle the truth?

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener