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Outstanding Plant Info & Photo Web Site

Missouri Botanical Garden Kemper Center Plantfinder

I stumbled upon this site over the winter, quickly tabbed it, and have been referring back to it while researching articles ever since. What a service!

The MBG Kemper Center Plantfinder is the most comprehensive photo and information catalog of perennials, trees, shrubs, and annuals I’ve found on the Internet. What makes it so outstanding is that the photos are great, the how-to-grow copy on each plant is well written and succinct, and there are darn few perennials I can think of that aren’t included. Tree and shrub listings are also huge. Annuals are less complete, but who cares.Want to look up a plant, see a picture, learn how to grow it? This is what the Web was meant for. Well done, Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Don Engebretson
The Renegade Gardener